Columbus City Noise Ordinance

Modified: July 23, 2016 at 7:19 pm

Noise Ordinance

The City of Columbus Code sets forth a sound ordinance for two specific time periods for property zoned Residential. Sound should not be heard from more than 50 feet from a property above defined levels for the time frame in the code. The code does allow for variance and permits which have specific guidelines for noise. Please see the Columbus City Code Community Noise ordinance for current information.

Summary: In a Residential Zoned area, amplified sounds should not be heard 50 feet past property line above 60db from 10pm to 7am. Amplified sounds should not be heard 50 feet past property line above 65db from 7am to 10pm. Sounds from proper construction to meet Building Code for a property is exempt from 7am to 10pm. Sounds should not be “offensive or disturbing to a person of ordinary sensibilities”. Violation is a minor misdemeanor, unless subsequent violation within 12 hours then becomes misdemeanor of fourth degree. Penalty is a fine up to $150.

Guidelines: If you believe the noise generated from a property does not meet “Reasonable Sensibilities”, call 614-645-4545 to file a Noise complaint. However, many of our residents in the SoHud and Old North Columbus neighborhood are receptive to polite one on one discussion about noises they create. To be “Good Neighbors”, all residents should consider their neighbors wishes to live in a reasonable manner without excessive noises. To be a good neighbor, house parties and bands in the area should minimize noise pollution after 10pm every night. Please be considerate of your voice levels when walking down the street , as many residents have children asleep before 10pm and many others have day time jobs and would like to get a proper 8 hours of sleep during the night. This is a community that has fostered numerous bands, and we would like to see the tradition continue. Please be mindful of your neighbors and refrain from expletives and excessive sound levels. Most of us like to hear your practice sessions, as long as it is within “Reasonable Sensibilities”. Complaints may also be submitted to the Columbus 311 online web portal. Go to and click the “Submit a new service request” link. On the following page, type in the search box the term “noise” and hit enter then proceed from there.

25 Replies to “Columbus City Noise Ordinance”

  1. Concerned Creature says:

    MAPFRE Stadium is the biggest noise polluter in the neighborhood. Is there something they can do to abate the noise nuisance over there? I can hear them all the way at High and Hudson on walks.

  2. Concerned Creature says:

    The stadium is polluting the neighborhood with noise tonight. I can clearly hear, “make them say hoe” from my porch off indianola.

    1. M says:

      Let’s all band together and go after all stadium shows. I’m on webber and can hear concert music inside my house. The year prior I was north of grandview heights and had the same problem.

  3. Going Nuts says:

    There is an ice cream truck that incessantly blasts loud repeating noise while driving a radius around the neighbourhood for hours every night since March. I just want to relax and enjoy the evening but cannot. I can hear it right now. Advice?

    1. James Moore says:

      Our icecream trucks now have a new sounds added to the music, gunshots and horses and pysco animals screaming and this is even louder than the music which I can hear over my tv with my windows shut. Indian mound area south side

  4. SoHud Blockwatch says:

    Thank you all for your concerns about MAPFRE stadium. The SoHud Blockwatch has been in contact with the stadium building manager on several occasions and the prior manager has willingly come to the blockwatch meeting to discuss concerns and if there are appropriate solutions available. Past suggestions have prompted studies by sound crews on noise carryover into the neighborhood, including monitoring sound differences when stadium hallways are packed during intermission vs when crowds are in their seats. Suggestion for angle of speakers and over all volume are considered.

    We can all work together with the stadium, but they need to hear your concerns and any useful suggestions. The new stadium manager is willing to attend any blockwatch meetings and the stadium staff wish to continue a good neighbor policy. The staff even came out on a nice hot day in May to help clean up the Maynard/Summit park and the Hudson Street corridor. They have also contributed to help us continue the tradition of the neighborhood’s SoHud Fools Parade.

    We look forward to your comments and suggestions and hope we can find an acceptable good neighbor agreement with the stadium

  5. RH says:

    I live in south linden. Granted it’s not the best neighborhood but excessive bass is constantly booming at all hours of day. Mostly from cars but some homes too. I’ve contacted police for past five years yet nothing is/or has been done. The stadium is loud too but the BOOM cars that shake your house at 4am are worse!!!! ENFORCE the noise ordinance please!


    There is no way that you heard Mapfre Stadium noise at High & Hudson. Lies like that diminish the validity of arguments which are actual truthful.

    1. Local homeowner says:

      I’ve heard Rock on the Range from Como and Indianola.
      Maybe you need a Q-tip.

    2. Karen Dennis says:

      I live on Piedmont and heard the whole concert from inside my house with the windows closed. Way too loud! Does it have to be that loud?

  7. Jason says:

    I live across the street from Donatos by Ohio State’s campus and they consistently blast their music at excessive decibel levels outside their store all throughout Saturday whenever Ohio State has a football game. There is no rational reason as to why they should have speakers OUTSIDE their restaurant to blast music at debilitating levels. It is loud and inconsiderate.

  8. Quit complaining when your the one who decided to move into an area with a lot going on says:

    I got a solution for everyone…. you dont like noise? You dont like hearing other people out having fun living tbeir lives? Move!!! Dont live close to a college campus and or a stadium!!!!! Just stay out of a big city!! Move out in the middle of no where in the woods!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, because everyone has the option to “move out in the middle to no where in the woods.” Very good solution, thank you!

    2. James says:

      When I was Little boy my father and mother taught me about manners. They explained that manners is making sure that those around you feel comfortable and welcomed. Your reply leads me to think that your parents missed out on your manner lessons!

    3. Elisa Green says:

      I have to say I could not agree with you more!!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Yes, that’s EXACTLY what people should do… move, avoid a big city… go Walden, so to speak. Idiot. Ordinances exist for a reason, even in college towns, because the help to ensure that everybody can live their lives within reasonable tolerances. I am fine with people enjoying life and “having fun [living] their lives,” so long as what they do in their spare time does not adversely affect the ability of others to live their lives as well.

      I’m a college student, and I can tell you that the noise levels around here are ridiculous. I have classes that I need to study for. Other students have work as well. There are also non-students who work professionally. The excessive noise levels impede both my ability to successfully and effectively complete my work, and adversely impact my neighbors’ quality of life and ability to relax. I, along with those whom I have just described, are also entitled to the same ability to peaceably and reasonably go about our own lives, and enjoy the ability to relax when we have time to do so. The “needs” of a few individuals, who apparently can only enjoy themselves through unnecessarily raucous parties which last until the early hours of the morning, should not be privileged at the expense of the other residents.

      I am not saying that people should be unable to have parties, play music, or otherwise enjoy themselves with their friends during their down time. On the contrary – have your party! Enjoy yourself! Music is great and can help people wind down – just don’t do it in such a way as to negatively impact those around you (those who, ostensibly, are most likely not attending your party – indeed, there is a universe that exists beyond the reality of your party, as much as this might astonish you). In general, if you’ve got a party going until past 12:00 at night, chances are that you’ll be affecting somebody’s ability to sleep, study, or otherwise quietly enjoy their own down time. Don’t be oblivious to the needs of those around you. You’re THEIR neighbor as well, and should be cognizant of the way in which your own activities affect them.

      And, as a perhaps overly snarky side note, seeing as you have advocated a position that is staunchly in favor or the “unnecessarily raucous” camp, I am of the impression that you (most likely) belong to it. If my intuition is correct, I would wholeheartedly suggest that you forgo at least a few of those parties which you most likely are eager to attend, and instead devote yourself more fully to your studies (presuming that you are also a student). Your sentence structure is appalling – spelling and grammatical mistakes are rife throughout.

    5. Local homeowner says:

      Or you can have respect for your neighborhood.
      (May I assume you are a temporary guest in OUR neighborhood?)
      Maybe you should move.

    6. Jennifer says:

      Couldn’t agree more!!! I bet most of these people complaining moved into their houses AFTER the stadium was built and AFTER the campus was built. It’s like moving next to a railroad track and complaining about trains being too loud. What did you expect?! You don’t have to move to the middle of nowhere but moving close to any stadium or campus means there are other things you are going to have to deal with. There are plenty of places to move to that are not close to either of those places that do not require moving to the woods.

  9. Zach says:

    I currently live on Frambes Ave. near the Donatos (that was previously mentioned to be near Ohio State). I can hear music from the businesses and residents that surround this area while lying in bed (so loud that I could sing along to the lyrics..). Even though the area is college living, that doesn’t give them the right to be constantly disrespectful.

  10. Sam says:

    My neighbors in my apartment building play extremely bassy rap music through the night. It shakes our ceiling. What is it like for apartments? My landlord won’t do anything to stop them.

  11. Mike says:

    Something is going on near Indianola right now, some EDM house party somewhere by Indianola Crestview area, but can hear the base all the way up by Weber. They did this in the fall as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cazuala’s new location has some horrible noise pollution now. They are blasting radio right now at 2:00 am. I can clearly hear it inside my apartment across the street

    1. SoHud Blockwatch says:

      Please call or submit online a request to Columbus 311 and describe your complaint. You might also contact Eventide Rentals who manage the property that Cazuala’s is leasing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Whoever organized country fest on June 11th 2017 and allowed that level of noise should be facing legal action.

  14. Jeff says:

    Columbus used to have a nice outdoor ampitheater till people started builing houses and complained about noise. Doubtful you hear the crowd from a crew game at Hudson and High. Rock on the range is one weekend a year get over it.
    Biggest thing they need to go after is these freakin cars that hurt your ears. My ears shouldn’t be ringing from someone elses music in the car next to me.

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