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Modified: September 10, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Creating new avenues for contact as we evolve the group.


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  1. Sharon Young says:

    I think it’s great to do the communication that you are doing. I have some concerns that by texting and emailing, you might be leaving those who do not have the technology to get the information (I am thinking many of the elderly). My suggestion would be to make sure you ask what means of communication a household might like to receive. Thanks for your consideration about this.

    1. JremJ says:

      Thank you very much Sharon for your suggestion! I will be working with Debbie to create a list with the preferred contact method for the various members of our community. Our first concern is to check with everyone about privacy issues as well, some may not want their email/phone/etc public to the neighbors. I have some ideas that may help get information out, and still keep your information as private as you like. Will get back to everyone soon!!!

  2. Timothy B says:

    I am a resident and property manager of a building near the corner of E. Tompkins and Summit. A group of four people were casing cars in our parking lot and those in the area. They were carrying straightened coathangers and bags. We believe one of these persons was involved in a car theft that happened this time last year in our parking lot. He is a white male late 20’s to early forties with a large tattoo on his arm. He drives a small silver car. Possibly a late 90’s Pontiac Sunfire. The license plate number is FBE-6986. I have contacted local police with the discription of the man and the car. The people he was traveling with recently were two white females and a black male. Last year he was seen with a group of young adult white males. Please be on the look out. Thank You

  3. Vickie Starbuck says:

    Hi Deb, I’m interested in getting together regarding a joint meeting of SOHUD and IRABW regarding a presentation by the Environmental Court. If you are still interested in this please let me know. I would hope it would help strengthen membership of IRABW and perhaps find some advantage for both groups. I’ve sent a couple of messages to you, without reply. I hope you are doing well!

    Cheers, Vickie

  4. Jan Brittan says:

    Lately I am noticing a lot of drivers going through the red light on Hudson St. at the Indianola intersection. Three times within the last month drivers on Indianola whose light turned green had to brake quickly to avoid being T-boned by Hudson drivers aggressively going through the red light. Maybe it would help to have CPD devote some visible presence there; but in the meantime, neighbors, beware!

  5. Scott says:

    A notice to any future tenants at 2422 N. 4th Street that this unit has bed bugs. Landlord did not properly treat the problem before renting again. Doesn’t seem to grasp the attention and time it takes to effectively treat the problem.

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