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As we go along, we will post some great resources for you to use. (we have many, just need to grab all the info)

Student Safety


Fire pits and bonfires

Bicyclists Safety

  • Close Call Database:While the site was created by a cyclist for the idea of creating a “paper trail” of incident reports, this could likely be used by anyone that sees aggressive drivers towards cyclists. Not sure how significant the data will be in a court case against someone, but I applaud the idea. To sign up, you can use your Strava account which many cyclists and runners use on their gps devices to log their run/rides (was considering using on my motorcycle trips LOL)

Dog Questions

  • there is no city-wide leash law that requires owners to have animals on a leash, but they must have control of the animal by voice command, etc.
  • For dog attacks, call the police immediately and also cal 311 to file a vicious dog report.
  • For dogs running around loose, call Franklin County Care & Animal Control at 614-525-3400. If the dog is not deemed vicious, then it has a chance of being adopted out to a new family.
  • If you think that any animal is being abused/ mistreated, call the Capitol Area Humane Society at (614)777-7387, ext 250
  • Alternatively, you can try to approach the landlord of the properties in question, since he/ she/ they may be exposed to some legal liability for their tenant’s actions. Perhaps they would be willing to impose some limits on the dog owners (or maybe the tenants aren’t even allowed to have dogs).

Phone Numbers

  • Columbia Gas Emergency line (gas leaks/smell) – 1-800-344-4077
  • Street Lights – Report Outage — 645-7627
  • OSHA – Columbus Office 614-469-5582
    • responds to employee complaints regarding employee protection and safety
  • Health Department (Columbus) 614-645-5625
    • Asbestos issues – need to document (picts) and call as issue is happening
  • Ohio Department of Health (Asbestos division) 614-752-2369
    • Environmental Health
    • Lead & Healthy Homes Program 614-645-7414
  • Ohio EPA – Richard Fowler 614-995-0671
  • Code Enforcement 614-645-3111 (614-645-7934 or 614-645-2202)
  • Building Services (Building Investigative Team) 614-645-2389
  • Building Services (Plans on file – Permits) 614-645-7562

Graffiti Removal



Police Scanner


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