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We love our quirky little neighborhood home South of Hudson. We hope you’ll love it, too! Here are some tips to help you get along in SoHud

SoHud is a warm and friendly neighborhood — home to families, workers, artists, musicians, professionals, retirees, students, teachers, and business-owners. We stretch from Iuka Ravine north to Glen Echo, east to the railroad tracks and west past Indianola. (map)

Our neighborhood is …

  • Historic – Built over 100 years ago, this area was the old northern edge of Columbus.
  • Dense – We are part of the most densely populated area in the ENTIRE State of Ohio!!
  • Safe – Our block watch helps residents learn to prevent crime.
  • Quiet – Sleep soundly or study deeply, and wake to a chorus of birds.
  • Family-friendly – We have playgroups, home-schools, churches, gardens, and a playground in the park.
  • Diverse, musical, and artistic
  • Near to OSU but far from being “on campus”
  • Pet-loving – Night or day, we’re out walking our pets around the block.
  • On the bus-line.
  • Short commute to downtown, the Short North, or Clintonville
  • NEW this Semester, OSU students can purchase overnight parking passes to park cars in the Campus garages on Lane Avenue, and avoid the many hassles (towing during street-cleaning, vandals, drunk-driver crashes, etc.) of leaving your car on the street!

Living Together

We take pride in our inclusive, welcoming, and family-friendly community — and we’re pleased that you choose to be a part of it!

Each of us has an impact on others in our community. Strong neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods and it takes all of us working together to keep it that way. We..

  • Take pride in the place we call home.
  • Park respectfully so space is maximized and others can park around you. Limit the number of cars per house parked on the street. Parking tips and Issues
  • Preserve the quiet – “Unreasonably Loud” noise is defined by the City* as anything that can be heard 25 feet away, in our residential area. Quieter noise levels are in effect after 10 p.m. every night. Violations can result in steep fines for all residents of an address.
  • Party responsibly – Small house parties are a great time. Permits for large parties cost less than $160 from the State of Ohio Liquor Control* or you can rent a party house. Clean up soon after a party is over.
  • Care for pets – Keep pets secure; loose animals can injure others or may be hit by a car. Please clean up after your pet when walking them. Barking dogs are one of the best deterrents for criminals; do pay attention when they sound an alert.
  • Be considerate, by shoveling sidewalks after a snow, keeping walkways clear, or helping each other when it’s needed.

Keeping You Safe

Some actions can lower your chances of being affected by crime:

  • Off Campus Living http://offcampus.osu.edu/off-campus-living/safety/
  • Keep alert! Criminals target people who are talking on cell phones. Texting, reading, or wearing earbuds also keep you distracted. For your safety, pay attention at ALL TIMES. (Personal Safety)
  • Walk in groups especially after dark.
  • Know everyone who enters your home, whether a worker or a party guest.
  • Get to know your neighbors, and be sure they know you; they are your best allies!

Keeping Your Things Safe

  • Remove ALL valuables, GPS & phones from your car or put them out of sight.
  • Keep major electronics off the first floor
  • Always lock first floor windows, use deadbolts on doors, lock cars and bikes. (Home Safety)
  • Security cameras are an option
  • Alarm systems or window alarms should make a noise that can be heard. (OSU Students can get FREE Window Alarms)
  • Outdoor lights deter crime. Keep porch lights on at night! For indoor lights, use timers.

“Broken Windows” & Crime

Neglected neighborhoods — with broken windows, torn screens, piles of trash, etc. — are targeted by criminals. Surprisingly, research has shown that crime goes down when these conditions are addressed, so please ..

Making Crime Hurt Less

In case the worst happens, it’s a good idea to ..

  • Buy renter’s insurance; it’s under $200!
  • Mark belongings with your Drivers License number*.
  • IDENTIFY PROPERTY  – use a permanent UV marker (available from online retailers)  to label your possessions your possesions you’re your Driver’s License Number.  (not Social Security Number due to possibility of Identity Theft)
  • Make a list of important serial numbers.
  • Back-up your laptop & cell phone data.

Stopping Crime Together!

The key to stopping crime is to get involved. (More Resources)

  • Be present in the neighborhood: spend time outdoors and say “hi” to passersby.
  • Safely check out loud noises, bangs, barking dogs, or car alarms. Report ALL suspicious activity to police at 645-4545. More calls means more resources assigned. (Make a Crime Report)
  • Join our blockwatch! Meetings are 2nd Thursdays of the month, 7 p.m., at Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church.


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