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March 2016 Newsletter & Meeting

Modified: July 16, 2016 at 1:55 pm
Alarming spike in armed break-ins; LANDLORDS – Please be sure your tenants know this!!

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There have been a very high number of home invasions, break-ins, and robberies since the beginning of the year.  In MOST cases, the offenders gained entry through an unlocked window or unsecured door.


In many instances, the offenders are described as 2 or 3 Black Males, “skinny”, about 5’10”.  One carries a gun. There have been descriptions of one having facial scruff.  Often dressed in black or dark clothes with hoodies.  Have worn skimasks on some occasions.  Initially, people were reporting that they heard a knock at a door & if there was no response, the suspects barged in demanding money and electronics at gunpoint.  Others have reported hearing knocks at bizarre hours of the night, but that the person knocking ran off when they heard a dog. On another occasion, someone cut the screen out of a porch window, but were unable to pry the window up since it was latched. Some victims have reported being assaulted, one assault was sexual. These incidents seem to be concentrated from Arcadia down to at 17th, from the railroad tracks west to Neil Ave area.  Times have ranged from evening to 2 am or so.

  • Securely locked doors and latched windows have been pretty effective.  Please be careful about doing activity like moving in/ out or carrying in equipment/ groceries, etc. that requires leaving doors open when at nighttime.
  • Repair any less-than-perfect locks/ latches now.  It is also recommended to replace the screws in the strikeplate of your front door frame with screws at least 3 inches long.  This makes it more difficult to kick the door in. For extra security, replace the screws on the hinge side, too.
  • The sound of dogs barking have been an effective deterrent.
  • DO try to observe the neighborhood frequently, and DO call police at either 911 (for crimes in progress or emergency situations) or call 645-4545 for non-emergency.
  • Please make sure you know who your neighbors are!!  That way you will know if the person carrying a 60″ TV out of your neighbor’s house is a resident or a burglar and you can report accordingly.

Crime Update Reports

Monthly Meeting:


What do we mean by “sketchy”?

Thurs., March 10
7 pm

~ doors lock at 7:05 p.m.
late arrivals, call/ text phone the number posted near our door sign.~

at Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church

(corner of E. Maynard & Indianola Aves. ~~ parking available in church lot, if you need it.)

This is our last meeting before the *****SoHud April Fools Parade & Hilaria Festival**** !! We’ll have updates re about the Parade, the Festival, and the Bake Sale/ Benefit Show!

Also, we’ll have a discussion on “Sketchy” — what do we call in to the Police? What’s “sketchy” looking? What raises your suspicions? How do we work to be observant without being paranoid or biased?

Plus, there will be an ice-breaker game with a chance to win some art supplies to do your own sketching!.

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SoHud block watch meetings are on second Thursdays at 7:00 pm.



Future Meetings – Take Charge!

  If you have a concern or interest that you would like to be the focus of a meeting, go for it!  We are looking for folks to help coordinate future meetings in 2016.  Just email us to claim your month!

Be Sure to Join In the Fun:

3rd Annual SoHud April Fools Parade and Hilaria Festival
will be
Saturday April 2nd 2016

Keep checking for all the latest details!While you’re at it, be sure to reserve
Saturday, March 19th
for the legendary
Benefit Show and Bake Sale

If you’re interested in helping out with any part of the Parade, Hilaria, or Benefit & Bake Sale, send a message to

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