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ROTR & c.

ROTR has set up a hotline for this weekend: ROCK ON THE RANGE concert at Crew Stadium is scheduled to begin 12:00PM Friday (16th) and end 10:45PM Sunday (18th). Performances are scheduled until 12:00AM on Friday and 11:00PM on Saturday. To help assess and respond to noise concerns and other issues, a hotline has been

Good morning

It has been sometime since our last post. Hopefully can attribute to all your hard work. In the behind the scenes, we are working on a new look for the site to accommodate the new resources we wish to share and the information in our new welcome packet that will be delivered soon. Stay tuned!

Saying hello

I have not been keeping up to date as of late, but will be back online quick. School work has kept me busy. Our next meeting is the first week of June, so I will have updates soon. Enjoy the weather and send us some pics of your gardens to