Meet your new neighbors and offer assistance and advice

It is that time again:

With the change in rentals each year, many different aspects of our community are in flux.

First, please welcome any new neighbors. Say hello, introduce yourself and offer any assistance or advice about the neighborhood you can provide. Even if you have lived here only a few months, that is likely longer than they have lived here. And, I am sure they would appreciate the introduction.

Second, give them tips on where they can take unwanted furniture.

Third, talk about some of the concerns for this neighborhood relative to all of our safety. Remind them to ALWAYS lock their vehicles and take everything out of them and into their homes each day/night. Keep doors and windows on the main floor locked at all times. Even if you are out back in the yard, criminals will enter your unlocked front door.

Tip: when you are outside and someone passes by, be sure to give a quick hello. Most criminals do not really want to be recognized. Especially we need to be vigilant in the early hours from 2am-7am. If you are up, take a moment to look out the front door/window. Just by opening the front door and looking out can be enough to startle any criminal nearby to keep moving along.

Please, let us not make it easy and worth the criminals while to come out each night and rummage through our belongings.


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