Review: SimpliSafe Security Systems

A couple neighbors have suggested the SimpliSafe Security Systems as a cost-effective, simple to use and setup security system. You can create your own package or purchase one of the ready made setups based upon your specific needs. The packages come with a base station that comes configured with a cellular sim card if you purchase the optional monitoring service. One of the neighbors said even if you don’t opt-in for the service (which according to them is very reasonably priced), the alarm portion of the system is very loud and likely enough to ward off any intruders. There are many sensor options like glass break, window, door, motion, freeze and water just to name a few. They sensors and base station can be quickly setup and all are easy to install with the provided double stick tape. Everything is wireless and run via battery power that is supposed to last up to 5 years. The best part, if you are renting you can easily take the system with you to your new home.

If you have one of these systems and would like to provide input on how you like the system and any pros and cons realized after owning, please send us a message at news @